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check out the bases of the contest if you haven't  Natalia Outfit Design Contest. BASES UPDATEDSO the time is come, it's been a while since I've made an actual contest, which requires people to actually do something for the chance of win a prize XD. and it will be 2 categories Drawn and Written. 
Alright basically what you have to do is post deviations showing Natalia in an outfit of your own design BUT, it has to follow certain rules.
1.- VERY IMPORTANT, she doesn't have to be tied, don't use this as an excuse to capture her, this is about the outfits.
2.- the pic has to be FULL BODY that means from head to toe, also keep in mind the pic has to be showing the outfit so "profile style" pics are highly recommended, yet not mandatory, you can have her in "action" but try to keep the outfit visible enough.
3.- also IMPORTANT, the design has to be something she would actually wear, FOR HER EVERYDAY LIFE/MISSIONS not something she was forced to wear, or some humiliating outfit because she would look "nice" in it, it has something that you would see her in while doing her kidnapp

So here is where i'm going to be adding the entries for the contest.

Drawn Category:

:iconmaxwellpage: Nats Full Leather Jacket by maxwellpage
:icontomthug: Natalia Costume Contest Entry by tomthug
:iconjokerismyname: Natalia Outfit Design by jokerismyname
:iconssvineman: Natalia outfit redesign by ssvineman
:iconhansolo14:Naty Kaoz Armor by HanSolo14

Written Category:

:iconed3765:  Natalia's Schooling OutfitJo was sitting in the living room of Natalia's house, clad in her pink and bunny design PJs watching Saturday morning cartoons munching away on a bag of extra chocolate and sweet cookies. She groan as the cartoon came to an end to show an annoying commercial and not long after the door to the house was broken down by a foot covered in white bandages. Soon after Sanae came walking in holding rope in one hand and a ball gag in the other looking serious as usual.
She said nothing as her darting eyes looked for the first red and black hair and clothing colored female, intending to lurch at Natalia before she could react but the only person she saw was Jo.
"Hi Sannhme!" Jo said with a mouth full of cookies.
"Where is she?" She asked getting to the point as Jo swallowed the cookies.
"Oh funny story, Natalia was walking home the other day when some snobby schoolgirls were giving her crap for her goth look." Jo said giggling.
"So she tied them up, what of it?" Sanae asked wondering where the s

Trixie Tang Idea 

38 deviants said Trixie taped to a chair and Tape gagged, she is taped REAL tight so she has no means of escaping.
35 deviants said Trixie in her normal clothes, is ball-gagged with her hands tied above her head, has tears in her eyes and is being tickle tortured underarms by Vicky who wears a tight green dominatrix outfit and has an evil smile on her face.
25 deviants said Trixie and veronica are at the "beach" Trixie's head poking out of the sand wearing a tape gag with Veronica in her swimsuit holds a pale in her hands as she talks about how now Timmy will pay attention to her with Trixie out of the way... her body under
20 deviants said Trixie Standing tied to a poll, Hands tied behind her, legs tied together. A thick OTM gag and watching a time bomb
19 deviants said Trixie (wearing her usual outfit) is tied to a chair with rope. She is stuff gagged with large piece of cloth (some of it still sticking out of her mouth). From off screen her captor (Denzel Crocker) speaks. Saying something
9 deviants said Kaoz Vote: For tonight we dine in IHOP >:0

Stuff you might want to check.

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Suggestion journal here:…
My non DiD account: :iconkaoz000:
The Trade journal is here:…
Q&A to me and my OCs:…
About using my OCs:…

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looking your gallery! O-OČ
Aksika Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
D: ur not online!
AIM has been giving me problems lately D:
ernet888 Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can I ask u one thing? when Naty's birthday?
well her "unnofficial" birthday is may 31st since that is the date I posted the first pic of her
ernet888 Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh I see.
ernet888 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can I use Cassandra? is she fun or danger?
she is dangerous, not as much as Alexia but she is much more vicious, she is a sadist and not in the fun "dom" way XD she hurts people badly.
ernet888 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh really ?! never mind.
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