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THE angry monkey... pheer me


Shiny Sticks by kaozkaoz
Shiny Sticks
hey everyone, still around don't worry not only working on journals XD

This is a comission asked by my bro :iconeccentricpone: this is Sticks from Sonic Boom, very silly character and very funny.

She said to give her the shiny so I did XD this is a very mature pic in  many ways even though is not even close to the most kinky work i've done so it didn't make it to the blog,.. that or I was to lazy to post it there.

Enjoy and wait more from me soon.
Alright so the "tie Natalia Month" is officially open all March, and you will be allowed to post your entries for it since the month starts till it ends, but first a couple small points to make clear.

it is NOT a contest, the project is for having fun with people taking Natalia out of her captor role and put her in a captive one, originally made because I used to get art of her on my birthday anyway XD and so the rest of the time I can be much more picky about works including her as a captive, since that is not her main intended role.

with that said, lets go back to the "rules":

1.- the most important thing Keep her in character, what makes Natalia likeable is that she IS Natalia, so try to keep the character the best you can, nothing like making her cry or beg or be submissive, or enjoy being captive or stuff like that, you can ask me ANYTHING if you have ANY kind of doubt about her behavior or her possible reactions.

2.- Don't go over the top, this means, no sex (you can have some kinky yuri action but nothing more) no rape, no killing, no badly hurting (like breaking her arm or anything like that) no, bad intentioned humiliation (no making her poop herself, or making her wear diapers or stuff that might seem offensive to the character and my work), you can play with ideas like "Slave training" but she is not meant to be tamed so don't go over the top about those things.

3.- For written work specially, even if she is not required to turn the tables at the end of the story you can't imply she is captured forever or indefinitely, she is not a bondage toy, also keep in mind she is meant to be REALLY good at her work and that includes escaping, I usually favor that to "being released for compassion" but it depends on how it is done, I dont' mean to tell you how to do your stories but keep in mind it is my character we are talking about.

4.- Don't use her to make your character(s) look badass, again i mention this cause even if it is not often i've had people showing me how much more badass their OCs are because they kicked Natalia's ass and humiliated her... in a story they wrote ¬¬, she is not invincible or anything, of course she is not a super powerful being with magic or super strenght but she has her own well developed set of skills, both physically and intellectually, she is particularly cunning and smart, she doesn't have to win all the time but just dont' use her to show off your own characters.

5.- The work HAS to be about her, not making having her make a cameo, or just have her as a minor character having a DiD situation.

6.- you can use ANY version of Natalia, Normal adult (in any of her looks) Loli Naty or I dont' know, adapt her like if you are going to the MLP world make her a pony XD I dont- know you can be creative, you can ALSO use my other OCs, including the most obscure ones, but keep i mind that I am VERY picky with my characters specially if by any weird reason someone wanted to use Alexia... lets just say you'd need to do it VERY good for me to allow it.

7.- the works have to be posted ONLY during March, in case anyone needs an extension we can talk about it near the end of the month.

As usual I wont- promise any kind of "retribution" for people who decide to enter this project but as always I'll be very thankful and we all will have fun and enjoy every entry, thanks everyone for reading and understanding and of course for whatever your dirty pervy crazy silly minds come up with for this.
Just making it official the WHOLE month of March will be Tie Natalia Month, you know what that means and if you don't you will.

I will post some "rules" as always soon, before it begins but for now, if you have any question or doubt please dont' hesitate to ask.
Commission Jasmine by kaozkaoz
Commission Jasmine
Hi everyone this is a commission asked by :iconletterabcd: This is Jasmine from Pokemon getting hypnotized and mumyfied by a couple of these monsters, not much to say, preety cheap darkness effect here XD

it was fun to draw this situation not something I work with everyday... although lately I haven't worked wiht anything at all XD still way to show i'm back in bussiness as usual, enjoy and stuff.

BTW: if you want to see the version without the darkness effect here it is: Jasminealt by kaozkaoz

APT Round 5 

38 deviants said Ryofu Housen (Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens)…
30 deviants said Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)…
14 deviants said Rin Tohsaka (fate stay night)…
13 deviants said Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)…
8 deviants said Star Butterfly (Star vs. The Forces Of Evil)…
6 deviants said Miyako Yamashina (Oretachi-ni-Tsubasa-wa-Nai)… ?
4 deviants said Makina (Deadman Wonderland)…
2 deviants said Taeko Minazuki (Ai Yori Aoshi)…
2 deviants said Kaoz Vote: blah blah blah monkey blah

Stuff you might want to check.

Natalia is taking contracts here:…
Suggestion journal here:…
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The Trade journal is here:…
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